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ENVAQUA: this is the name of the new Dutch association for Environmental and Water Technology. It was founded 22 January 2015 as the merger between the Dutch Association of Environmental Technology Suppliers and Aqua Netherlands. ENVAQUA represents 121 member companies and can be regarded as the Dutch gateway for environmental and water technology. In his opening speech, the chairman Mr. Erwin Dirkse of DMT Environmental Technology announced that ENVAQUA will promote the interests of its members and aspires to be a driver for innovation and exports. For the moment, the focus is on water technology, but the association is also very active in waste management, soil remediation, air quality and renewable energy. Soon the website will be launched at

Environmental technology entrepreneurs in the Netherlands consider renewable energy to be the area with the biggest growth potential. This was one of the results of a 2010 survey of the environmental technology sector, carried out by the Dutch Suppliers Association (VLM) and the State Agency for Sustainability, Innovation and Exports, with support by MetaSus. It is why VLM plans to increase its activities and membership in renewable energy by 50% in the next one and a half years. Presently, 36 member companies offer technologies and services primarily in bio-energy (digesters, gassifiers, incinerators) and energy efficiency in the built environment as well as industry. Renewable Energy will be a prime focus at the October 4-6 Trade Fair on Environment in the City of Den Bosch. A range of other activities will be organized in business development and exports promotion. VLM has asked MetaSus to support the expansion of the Renewable Energy Section.

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