MetaSus promotes exports and international cooperation in environmental technology, that is, products and services related to waste management, circular economy, waste water treatment, air quality, soil remediation, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Services include the mapping and monitoring of the Dutch supply sector, market studies and the organization of inbound and outbound trade missions and matchmaking events. Examples of recent projects include: assessments of the Dutch environmental technology sector in 2010 and 2012; market studies for environmental technology in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Myanmar, Panama and Tanzania; the organization of trade missions to Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia (several occasions) and Iran plus the organization of matchmaking events in France and Bulgaria. MetaSus has been the coordinator of the “Partners for International Business” programme on waste and waste water in Colombia and has supported the Government-to-Government project on waste management there. At the moment MetaSus coordinates a similar program on waste and water technology directed towards Iran.

Bert KeesmanMetaSus is an initiative of Bert Keesman who graduated as a Mechanical Engineer at the University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The company serves as a platform to turn into reality the business potential of environmental improvements at an international scale. Thus the term: “Doubly Sustainable”: environmental care (planet) leads to business (profit). Bert has many years of experience in the implementation of cleaner production and Corporate Social Responsibility. For nine years he worked abroad (two years in Thailand, seven years in Costa Rica), getting to know export markets for Dutch environmental technology from the inside.




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