MetaSus elaborates profiles of individual companies and environmental (sub) sectors. Individual company profiling is usually aimed at facilitating matchmaking during incoming or outbound business missions. The focus is on the exact mapping of expectations, export ambitions, innovative capacity, willingness and capability to cooperate and experience in foreign markets. (Sub) sector inventories serve to support the design of export promotion strategies. MetaSus maintains its own database of approximately 1.000 Dutch Cleantech suppliers. In cooperation with the Dutch Association of Environmental Technology Suppliers (VLM), every other year MetaSus elaborates a report on the cleantech sector in the Netherlands.


Market surveys

MetaSus carries out market surveys at (sub-) sector as well as individual company level, focusing primarily on English and Spanish speaking markets. In doing so, MetaSus teams up with local partners in order to ensure full compatibility of the outcome with local needs. We also provides assessments of the market opportunities of foreign environmental technology on the Dutch and European markets.


Supplier search

You wish to know which group of European suppliers of products, services and knowledge can solve your environmental problem in a cost effective way. MetaSus carries out a comparative assessment and presents the options most suited to your needs. Similarly we prepare training programs and study tours.


Business mission support and matchmaking

MetaSus supports the organization of both incoming and outbound business missions in the area of clean technology. The goal is to optimize contacts between entrepreneurs by carefully screening and matching their mutual expectations beforehand and arranging matchmaking activities in the form of one-on-one sessions, company visits, company speed dating, networking events etc. The added value of MetaSus is optimized in English or Spanish speaking regions.


Development of business strategies and innovative concepts

International business strategies are based on real needs which cannot be satisfied locally. In order to elaborate such strategies, MetaSus teams up with local experts with a profound knowledge of the target market. The aim is to achieve maximum synergy between European providers of products, services and knowledge and their local counterparts. In order to increase market opportunities and provide real solutions to location-specific problems, MetaSus supports the development of integrated sustainability concepts such as the climate neutral hotel.


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